Authors: Easily Turn Your Non-Fiction Book into 300+ Social Media Posts!
You've already done the hard work of writing the book -
so stop trying to reinvent the wheel!

Congrats! You wrote a book!

Now, you've got to get it in front of people.

You've already put blood, sweat, tears and maybe a little bit of pee into  writing the book - but as you know, that's not the end of the road.

You need to get that book in front of people.

It's FILLED with great quotes and messages that are TRAPPED within the pages.

We all have books we've been meaning to read but we might not get to them - and we'll miss out on those key messages.

A better idea is to cannibalize your book.

Pull out all the best quotes and messages. 

And then, sprinkle those around the internet, like sprinkling cat treats into a cat colony. Use these posts to build trust, and let the cats come to you!

I've been able to repurpose 50+ books into thousands of pieces of social media content - graphics and videos - and I've refined it into a system. 

NAY, an art form.

I've called it Book Blast, and in just a few minutes, once you've signed up, you'll see the simple way it's done and you'll think "holy crap, Beck Power is a genius!"

Grabbing the Book Blast mini-course will get you:

Access to the Book Blast course modules and lessons to get the most content possible from your book:

How to Select HUNDREDS of the best quotes from your book

My 10x10 Content Repurposing Method that will save 90% of your time

How to BULK create 100+ graphics from your quotes

How to turn your quotes into TikToks, Reels and YT shorts without showing your face!

My 3 BEST tips for making sure your Instagram and TikTok platforms are ready for actual buyers 

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