Authors: Turn your book into a year of content with just a few clicks!
Oh yeah, and it only takes a few minutes... seriously.

In less than one day (or maybe even one hour?) you or your team could follow my instructions to produce a year of posts ready for social media... from the book you already wrote. (Or are launching!)

My included softwares make this super easy and straightforward - this is a no brainer for any author who wants to get their book in front of more people.

That's you, right?

Trust me, anyone can do this (I regularly create 200 posts from client books in one day and I have no special design or edit skills...)

You've already done the hard work of writing the book - you just have to leverage it!

Grabbing the Book Blast package will get you:

Access to the Book Blast course modules and lessons to get the most content possible from your book

Pro tips for getting all your social media in order as an online authority who has a content system (that's you )

Access to my GoatQuote software developed just for authors that will use AI to read your whole book and extract hundreds of your best quotes

Access to my GoatGraphics software that takes all those quotes you've extracted and turns them into hundreds of branded graphics in different sizes for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Email support for 30 days

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I'll make these for you myself for just $999
For a limited time, send me the quotes you extract from GoatQuote, and a few pointing videos (I'll give you instructions don't worry) and I'll send you back 100 TIkToks with your face and quotes - enough for 3 months of daily content on TikToks and Reels. Don't miss out! Add this to your order now.

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